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Life’s Choices

I’m sitting in an office face to face with Vytautus Bieliauskas, the psychology department’s distinguished professor emeritus and retired chair, and he’s telling me an incredible story—his own—of escape and survival in pre-war Lithuania. It’s spring of 2002, and we’re talking about a story for Xavier magazine about Xavier’s involvement with two of Lithuania’s former Jesuit high schools that had been forced to shut down during the 50 years of Soviet occupation. Read more »


Student Reflects On Xavier Profs

Every day that I go to class, I know I am getting a great education. Why? Because this is Xavier, and the professors are amazing. No seriously. They are not only great educators but great people as well, living out the Jesuit maxim, known as Cura Personalis, to educate the whole person, not just the mind. This year alone saw many professors receive honors and awards. Read more »


Ethics, honesty and Erin Brockovich

The Cintas Center Banquet Room was packed with students, professors and visitors from off campus on Monday, March 25. They all came to see Erin Brockovich.

Many were disappointed.

Or at least confused.

“It surprises me how many people see me and say, ‘You’re not Julia Roberts,’ ” Brokovich says, eliciting laughs from the audience.

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D’Artagnan, myself

Wednesday, March 20, was a big day. Everything changed and nothing will ever be the same. For the University, and for me.

The big news is Xavier announced its joining the Big East Conference. Great. Let’s go X. The even bigger news, though, was that for a day I was D’Artagnan.

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The Ethics Guy

If you’re known as The Ethics Guy and plan to wade into a room full of bankers, Xavier’s as good a place as any to take the dive. If nothing else, at least there are priests close by to administer Last Rites.

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Photos of Darfur

In 2009, Rabbi Abie Ingber of Xavier’s Center for Interfaith Community Engagement went to Chad to provide support and assistance to the Darfurian refugees living in the camps along the Sudanese border. During the 10 day-visit, Ingber gook many personal photographs of the three camps he visited—Gaga, Bredjing and Treguine. He also gave digital cameras to five residents and asked them to document life in the camps as they saw it. Read more »


ROTC cadet selected for immersion program

Dakota Strugarek, a cadet in Xavier’s Army Reserve Officer Training Corp program, has been selected for the U.S. Army’s Cultural Understanding and Language Proficiency Program. The program provides cadets with a 30-day experience in a different country to gain an understanding of different cultures in countries where they could be stationed as officers.

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Dead Sea Scrolls in Cincinnati

Cincinnati played an important role in unraveling the mystery of the Dead Sea Scrolls since they were first discovered by Bedouin shepherds in 1947. It was Cincinnati’s Hebrew Union College researcher Ben Zion Wacholder who created the first translation of the scrolls in 1991 at a time when the Israel Antiquities Authority was keeping a tight grip on their release for study by biblical scholars.

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Up to Date

Xavier magazine profiles a lot of interesting people who continue to lead interesting lives after we’ve profiled them. Or is that because we’ve profiled them? Whatever. Here’s the answer to those haunting questions: Whatever happened to…? and Whatever became of…?

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Xavier Life: Archive Dive

You can find some pretty neat things by browsing through archived issues of the Xavier Newswire. We gave our intrepid student a pith helmet and shovel and instructed him to start digging into the faded yellow pages of yesteryear. Here’s what life at Xavier was like back in the day:

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