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This Weekend at Xavier: April 26-28

The students are busy studying for finals, so campus has been pretty quiet this week. That’s all right for Monday through Friday, but everyone knows that weekends are supposed to be fun, loud and should definitely involve a little beer. So for the next few days, let off some steam (without hitting the books) by attending these two on-campus events. Read more »


This Week at Xavier: April 19- 25

They say that April showers bring May flowers. And while that proverb is generally true, April showers can also bring a whole mess of other things, like boredom, allergies and wet socks. Luckily, this week’s weather forecast is looking good—almost as good as this week’s forecast for events on campus. Check out Xavier Magazine Extra’s picks for the week. Read more »


This Week at Xavier: April 12-18

Last week, the birds sang, noses ran, plants started to sprout and the ice cream trucks blasted “Do Your Ears Hang Low?” from speakers. Spring has officially sprung.

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This Week at Xavier: March 30-April 5

The origins of April Fools—like the day itself—are clouded with mysteries, tricks and half-truths. No joke. Some believe that the day stems from a time when, according to Europe’s former calendar, New Year’s Day fell on April 1. Others attribute foolish behavior to spring fever, claiming that the cold weather keeps them indoors for far too long.

Considering the weather this year, the latter argument sounds totally plausible. So if you’re feeling an impending case of spring fever, Xavier’s got you covered. The only way to break your fever is to get out of the house. Here are the on-campus events happening this week.
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X Marks Your Calendars

This week at Xavier has been quiet. Maybe the students are being extra good since they know the Easter Bunny is on its way. Or maybe it’s because of the snowy weather during the spring season. Whatever the case, fear not for the future. Mark an “X” on your calendars for these on-campus events happening within the next couple months.

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This Week at Xavier: March 16- March 22

Sometime between the late 1500s and the early 1600s, William Shakespeare wrote the phrase, “All the world’s a stage,/ And all the men and women merely players.” A lot’s changed since then, but one aspect of life that’s remained is our love for any and all things theatrical. This week, the happenings at Xavier showcase today’s talent, yet they also harken back to times before. With a guest lecture about music in the 18th century, a rendition of a classic Shakespeare comedy and a talent competition, the future of Xavier’s performances looks bright. Read more »


This week at Xavier: March 9-March 15

St. Patrick’s Day is that special time of the year when even the unluckiest of people look forward to a little pick-me-up. Whether the cheer comes from donning green apparel, hanging out with friends or celebrating with some green beer, it’s like everyone finds the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Although the big day isn’t until next week, Xavier’s got a lot of “little days” this week so you can be prepared. Read more »


This Week at Xavier: March 2- 8

March has finally arrived, and that means one thing for students: Spring Break. Some might be lucky enough to head to a sandy coast, but if you’re like the rest of us, you’re stuck here in Cincinnati wishing for a few days of warm weather.

But don’t let that turn you into a victim– you can find the heat right here on Xavier’s campus. With two men’s basketball games included on this week’s calendar, a star-powered appearance by an award-winning choir and a special guest from the Cincinnati Zoo, the next seven days are only beginning to heat up. Check out this week’s hottest events.  Read more »


This Week at Xavier: Feb. 23- March 1

March is just a week away. And around this time of year in basketball country, things can get kinda crazy. Like, clowns fitting into small cars, ringmasters facing felines, balloon twisting crazy. Literally. Get in on the fun early this week as the Piccadilly Circus arrives at the Cintas Center and later as the Xavier men’s and women’s basketball teams take on their opponents. Need a relaxing Sunday afternoon? Then end your weekend with some live classical piano music. Whatever your mood, Xavier’s got something on their calendar that fits. Read more »


This Week at Xavier: Feb. 16-21

In 1965, a movie came out that featured a nun, played by Julie Andrews, who claimed that the Austrian hills were alive with the sound of music. In the movie, the sound spilling from the hills inspired her character to sing, dance and ride bikes with children in a synchronized fashion.

Well, the hills of Cincinnati seem to be singing—at least the ones around Xavier—because the upcoming week is filled with on-campus musical performances for your enjoyment. From jazz to classical music to pop hits of yesteryear, Xavier offers a performance that will inspire you. Who knows, maybe you’ll even do a little synchronized bike riding of your own—after the concerts, of course. Read more »