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This Week at Xavier: March 30-April 5

The origins of April Fools—like the day itself—are clouded with mysteries, tricks and half-truths. No joke. Some believe that the day stems from a time when, according to Europe’s former calendar, New Year’s Day fell on April 1. Others attribute foolish behavior to spring fever, claiming that the cold weather keeps them indoors for far too long.

Considering the weather this year, the latter argument sounds totally plausible. So if you’re feeling an impending case of spring fever, Xavier’s got you covered. The only way to break your fever is to get out of the house. Here are the on-campus events happening this week.
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Ethics, honesty and Erin Brockovich

The Cintas Center Banquet Room was packed with students, professors and visitors from off campus on Monday, March 25. They all came to see Erin Brockovich.

Many were disappointed.

Or at least confused.

“It surprises me how many people see me and say, ‘You’re not Julia Roberts,’ ” Brokovich says, eliciting laughs from the audience.

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X Marks Your Calendars

This week at Xavier has been quiet. Maybe the students are being extra good since they know the Easter Bunny is on its way. Or maybe it’s because of the snowy weather during the spring season. Whatever the case, fear not for the future. Mark an “X” on your calendars for these on-campus events happening within the next couple months.

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xavier and uc-freedom center day-18-ET5D9334 (1)

D’Artagnan, myself

Wednesday, March 20, was a big day. Everything changed and nothing will ever be the same. For the University, and for me.

The big news is Xavier announced its joining the Big East Conference. Great. Let’s go X. The even bigger news, though, was that for a day I was D’Artagnan.

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This Week at Xavier: March 16- March 22

Sometime between the late 1500s and the early 1600s, William Shakespeare wrote the phrase, “All the world’s a stage,/ And all the men and women merely players.” A lot’s changed since then, but one aspect of life that’s remained is our love for any and all things theatrical. This week, the happenings at Xavier showcase today’s talent, yet they also harken back to times before. With a guest lecture about music in the 18th century, a rendition of a classic Shakespeare comedy and a talent competition, the future of Xavier’s performances looks bright. Read more »


The Ethics Guy

If you’re known as The Ethics Guy and plan to wade into a room full of bankers, Xavier’s as good a place as any to take the dive. If nothing else, at least there are priests close by to administer Last Rites.

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This week at Xavier: March 9-March 15

St. Patrick’s Day is that special time of the year when even the unluckiest of people look forward to a little pick-me-up. Whether the cheer comes from donning green apparel, hanging out with friends or celebrating with some green beer, it’s like everyone finds the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Although the big day isn’t until next week, Xavier’s got a lot of “little days” this week so you can be prepared. Read more »


Photos of Darfur

In 2009, Rabbi Abie Ingber of Xavier’s Center for Interfaith Community Engagement went to Chad to provide support and assistance to the Darfurian refugees living in the camps along the Sudanese border. During the 10 day-visit, Ingber gook many personal photographs of the three camps he visited—Gaga, Bredjing and Treguine. He also gave digital cameras to five residents and asked them to document life in the camps as they saw it. Read more »


Bookmarks: Straight Jacket by Meredith Towbin

Straight Jacket
By: Meredith Towbin

Meredith Towbin, who earned her master’s degree in English from Xavier, has been a writer for her whole adult life—spending time as an English teacher, an editor and a freelancer. But she always wanted to call herself a novelist. Now she can. Read more »


This Week at Xavier: March 2- 8

March has finally arrived, and that means one thing for students: Spring Break. Some might be lucky enough to head to a sandy coast, but if you’re like the rest of us, you’re stuck here in Cincinnati wishing for a few days of warm weather.

But don’t let that turn you into a victim– you can find the heat right here on Xavier’s campus. With two men’s basketball games included on this week’s calendar, a star-powered appearance by an award-winning choir and a special guest from the Cincinnati Zoo, the next seven days are only beginning to heat up. Check out this week’s hottest events.  Read more »


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