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January 25, 2013

This Week(end) at Xavier

by xaviermagazineextra

This past week has been a pretty quiet one at Xavier. And by quiet we mean chilly. And by chilly we mean record-breaking, single-digit, freeze-my-butt-off temperatures. So maybe you’re looking for something a little warmer this weekend. Unfortunately, we here at Xavier don’t have the ability to turn snow into sand, but we do have a few things planned to set your weekend on fire. Ready, set, ignite.

Saturday, Jan 26
Percussion Exsemble Presents: Beat the Winder DolDrums
Got 50 Cent? Not everyone has change to spare after the holiday season, but the musicians in XU’s percussion ensemble do. And they’re willing to share. So join them for an expense-free night of live music. Revel in your nostalgia as they perform hits of yesteryear by artists like Queen and Daft Punk, and hum along to contemporary hits originally performed by MGMT and 50 Cent. 7:30 p.m. Long Recital Hall. Open to students and the general public.

*Coin offerings accepted but not required.

**That was a joke.

Xavier Hockey vs. Wright State
Last season, Xavier’s hockey team played a challenging game against Wright State, winning 5-4. This year, show your Muskie pride at the Cincinnati Gardens as the two teams battle it out again on the rink. If you’re worried that the ice rink seems like kind of a cold place to spend your Saturday night, you’re right. It is. But there is beer. So there is warmth.

Sunday, Jan. 27
Xavier Music Series Presents: Classical Guitar
If you’re looking to score points this weekend, keep it classy and take your plus one to Xavier Music Series live performance. This week’s concert, held in the Gallagher Student Theatre, features internationally renowned classical guitarists Daniel Bolshoy and Angela Young Smucker. 2:30 p.m. Tickets $17 -$19 Students $3

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